The Directors of the Bounce Cricket Centre are pleased and privileged to welcome the England Blind Cricket Team to the centre who will take part in training sessions over the coming weeks.

Blind Cricket

The cricketers are categorised according to the level of their sight loss.

B1 - no sight up to the ability to see the difference between light and dark.

B2 - from the ability to be able to distinguish the shape of an object held in front of their face, up to, a sight acuity of 2-60. This means that they can see at a range of only two meters, what a fully sighted person can see at 60 meters. Or, they have a field of vision of less than five degrees.

B3 - an acuity of 6-60. They can see at six meters what a fully sighted person can see at 60 meters. Or, a field of vision of less than 20 degrees.

The ball is made of moulded plastic with steel ball bearings inside to make it rattle. The ball must bounce at least once in each half of the wicket and must be delivered underarm.

For more details follow the link to the ECB website (Logo used with kind permission of England Blind Cricket)

As the web designer I was in the centre at the time taking pictures and as I watched from behind the nets was transfixed at how good the player was. His timing was superb and his awareness to where the ball was just through the noise the ball made was wonderful. I was transfixed. He caught, one handed, diving to his left better than I ever did.

With close access to Nuneaton Railway Station the location of Bounce Cricket makes it an ideal location to welcome travelling players.

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 External link to webshots of England Blind Cricket Team